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Bottomboat Photos





Bottomboat Photos





This is a selection of our photos from around Bottomboat, if you have any photos that we could use please contact us.

1977 Jubilee Celebrations, photos courtesy of Stephen Powell



The old Sunday School, 1977 Jubilee Celebrations



The Brass Band - 1977 Jubilee Celebrations



The Queen! 1977 Jubilee Celebrations - The old chapel is to the left, the Sunday School on the right



Punch & Judy Show - 1977 Jubilee Celebrations



1977 Jubilee Celebrations



Onlookers 1977 Jubilee Celebrations



1977 Jubilee Celebrations



Arundels shop Bottomboat, 1920s/30s. This shop was situated near The Barracks (just past the Rising Sun Pub), the shop belonged to Joseph Arundel. His wife Mary is stood on the right. Photo courtesy of Mr & Mrs Muskett



Bottomboat Road February 9th 1946. This photo shows the extent of the floods that year. The Ferry Boat Inn is to the centre of the photo, and to the left are bungalows. Today this area of Bottomboat is completely unrecognisable to the scene in this photo. The bungalow which today stands at the bottom of the lane would be situated back left in this photo. Photo courtesy of Mr & Mrs Muskett  



Bottomboat Carnival 1960s



Bottomboat Carnival 1960s



Bottomboat Carnival 1960s



The Masons Arms



William Lamb's



Ferry Boat Pub to the right, Mr Matthews was the owner of the Ferryboat that was used

by miners from Altofts to cross the river to get to Newmarket Colliery. The buildings have long since been demolished at the river bank raised to prevent flooding. Thank you to Ian Durham for his help with this photo



Bottomboat Farm (known as Musketts Farm) 1980s

Now demolished



The old Railway Bridge



Bottomboat WMC



Street scene



Wakefield Mayor visiting Lambs factory 1970s



Bottomboat School 1979



Bottomboat School 1979



William Lamb's



Chapel Sunday School



Carnival day 1969



Inspection down the old course of the Aire and Calder Navigation during the mid 1940s, The derelict Staithe at Bottomboat can be seen in the top right hand corner



Colour Photos

Musketts Farm Bottomboat 1975. This photo shows the farm in its original state before it was converted in the 1980s (and later demolished). On the farm there were two wells. If you look closely at the front left of the farmhouse you can see a small conifer tree, today this tree is all that remains of the farm and it is over 50ft tall, a good reference if you are wondering where the building was situated



View down Bottomboat 1970s



Bottomboat Chapel 1990s



Bottomboat Farm 1980



View of Newmarket Colliery from Bottomboat 1980



Bottomboat at night, photo by George Parfitt




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