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Village Photos





Village Photos





This is a selection of our photos from around the village, if you have any photos that we could use please contact us.





Stanley Signal Box



Stanley Station waiting room



Saint Peters School



Mount Road



Shires house stood on Intake Lane and was the Shires Pit Managers house. It was demolished in the 1950s to make way for the prefab houses that still occupy the site today



Victoria Café and filling station which stood on the junction of Lime Pit Lane & Aberford Road



Stanley Church 1934



Lane Ends Quarry 1905, today the library is to the left of this photo




Stanley Station



Hatfeild Lodge 1900

This building stood opposite The Graziers on Aberford Road at the bottom of The Hatfeild Hall driveway, photo courtesy of Samantha Crockett



Stanley Grove Floods March 1932

This area was prone to flooding right up to the 1950s, large areas between here and Lime Pit Lane would be under water for weeks at a time.



Stanley Institute



Garden Gate Inn 1982

This building on Intake Lane was used as an Ale House in the 19th Century



Stanley Picture House

Known in the Village as "The Clog & Rhubarb"



Aberford Road View

Photo from around 1900



Aberford Road around 1910



Stanley Lane Ends



Stanley Station 1904



Baker Lane 1950s



Church Fields



Saint Peters Church



Stanley Postcard from around 1905



The Graziers Hotel



Aberford Road 1920s, the old cinema is to the left



Stanley Hall



Church Gates



Saint Peters Church around 1905



Church interior after the 1911 fire



Church interior after the 1911 fire



Stanley Hill



West Hall 1905



The old Bar House 1908 that was opposite Stanley Hall on the junction of Bar Lane



The 1911 church fire



Lake Lock Post Office



Church Street



Lane Ends WMC



The Vicarage



Canal Lane 1950s



The Grove, Aberford Road



Photo taken at the juncyion of Lime Pit Lane and Aberford Road 1950s



Long Causeway



Newmarket Lane, the house is now 100ft above the duel carridge way



View up Rooks Nest Road 1920s



Stanley Carnival 1920s, photo taken opposite todays Youth Club



Bowling behind the old Lane Ends WMC



Aberford Road 1905



The Wheatsheaf, early 1970s



Lime Pit Lane 1972, photo courtesy of John Shaw



The old cinema, now Gordons Tyres



Laying of the foundation stone after the church fire 1912



Stanley Secondary Modern postcard



The Railway Hotel, later the Spindle Tree



Looking towards the old crossroads at the top of Newmarket Lane. Moorhouse is now on the right, the house on the left is still there



Stanley Postcard



Church interior before the fire



Ouchthorpe Lane



View over the 19 Acres



This photo is of a young good looking lad by the name of Mark with his loyal companion "Kim" they were stood at the back of number 22 Chapel street, Stanley. circa 1973



Colour Photos

Lake Lock, photo by George Parfitt



Aberford Road looking towards Oulton as work starts on the M62. The bridge to the right was part of the line that ran from Lofthouse to Newmarket. The area is almost unrecognisable in comparison to today



Miners Arms, Lee Moor 1960s



Lime Pit Lane 1960s



River Calder postcard



Lake Lock Yard 1970s



Lake Lock Yard 1970s



Drapery shop Lake Lock 1970s



The Wheatsheaf 1970s



The Railway Hotel 1960s



Gledhills, looking down towards the Lane Ends WMC 1970s



Farleys shop, Long Causeway



Stanley Lane Ends 1960s



The Old Doctors Surgery opposite The Wagon & Horses 1970s



The old mill Canal Lane 1960s



Lake Lock fish shop 1970s



Top of Baker Lane 1970s, the shop is on the left



Saint Peters Church 1970s



Kevs fish shop 1980s



The old doctors surgery Lane Ends, 1970s



The old classrooms behind Saint Peters School 1990s



Brearleys 1970s



Saint Peters Church interior 1970s



Lime Pit Lane 1990



Building the Community Centre 1990



Stanley Gala 1970s



Stanley Gala 1970s



Lane Ends 1970s



Lane Ends 1960s



The old quarry Lane Ends 1970s



The old Doctors Surgery and View towards Mount Road 1970s



Saint Peters School 1970s



View over Stanley from Newton Hill




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